Listing # Description Status Retail Class More
American Seating Co. Here's your chance to own original Loge and Balcony section seating from the infamous Studio 54 in New York City. Qty, Avail" approx 200 $
American Seating Co. Classic 1960's original seats. Dark oak wood outer back shells. Small book holders available. Ideal for small church or synagogue. Oak end panels available. High end chairs at budget prices. Qty. Avail: approx 400 all $
American Seating Co. Art Deco at its best! Rare #133 cast iron aisle standards available. Cast iron mid standards. Self rising steel seat pan and steel shell outer back. Very good condition. Qty. Avail: 1000 all $0.00
American Seating Co. Vintage 1923 Elks Lodge Ceremony Room Seating. Excellent original condition. Hand painted decorative cast iron aisle standards. Vintage maple scrolled arm rests. Limited Quantities Available. L $0.00
Irwin End Panels w/ and w/o aisle lights. Seat lifting springs are still fresh. Chairs are in good condition. QTY. Avail: 10-400 L,A,B,C $0.00
American Seating Co. These fully upholstered high end theater seats came from the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. They are in excellent condition. Qty Avail: approx 80 L-#4 $
American Seating 1610 middle casting, end castings with or without aisle lights. Seats had a recent repaint and newer upholstery. Great condition as is. L-#6 $
American Seating Co. Seats are in original condition. Hand painted cast iron ends, vintage tiger and birds eye maple scrolled arm rests. QTY. Avail: approx. 70 Level $
American Seating Company Vintage 1908 Historic Stadium Seats. Excellent condition. Original elm wood slats. Approx 1500 available Level floor mount $0.00
American Seating Co. 1980's cast Iron riser mount chairs, limited floor mounts avialable. Qty. Avail: 1350 Riser mount $
Irwin Metal back, tablet arm, riser mount chair in very good condition. Approx. 50 available. riser mount $
Massey Good condition chairs that are slated for removal in late July. There are aisle light ends. riser mount only $0.00
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